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Special Topic Chair
Giuseppe Loianno New York University, USA

Autonomous mobile robots are starting to play a major role helping humans in tasks like search and rescue, environment monitoring, security surveillance, transportation and inspection.

However, the creation of autonomous robots, able to accomplish complex missions without requiring human intervention, is still far to be a reality. There are still several requirements and research challenges towards this vision. Navigation in GNSS‐denied environment and the vehicles’ limitations in size, power, computational, and sensing capabilities pose several design constraints. Moreover, robots may need to operate in adverse conditions and the autonomy requirements may vary according to the level of complexity and clutter in the environment. Operations performed in urban areas present different sensing, control, and perception modalities with respect to operations in underground and space environments. Many missions may also be extremely time sensitive, calling for fast navigation solutions. Finally, there are still several open research and scientific questions related to the best and efficient environment representations for navigation and toward unified solutions for manipulation, transportation, locomotion, human-robot interaction, and heterogeneity.

This special session aims to bring together heterogeneous communities working on autonomous ground, aerial, and underwater robots to present and discuss the most recent topics and achievements in the area of autonomous mobile robots navigation in GNSS-denied environments. We plan to present between 6 and 8 papers.

Topics of interests are, but are not limited to
  • Autonomous navigation of ground, aerial, and submarine robotic system
  • Sensor fusion
  • State estimation, Localization and Mapping
  • Learning architectures for mapping, classification, localization and/or navigation
  • System software and hardware architectures Mapping and Obstacle avoidance
  • Resource constrained navigation
  • Field Robotics
  • Search and Rescue robotics
  • Long term autonomy
  • Autonomous deployment of swarm systems
  • Modeling and benchmarking of performances for three-dimensional navigation

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