PN Accepted papers
73 Wilderness Search and Rescue Missions using DeepReinforcement Learning
1 Visually Guided Balloon Popping with an Autonomous MAV at MBZIRC 2020
40 Vision based real-time obstacle avoidance for drones using a time-to-collision estimation approach
19 VFH+ based shared control for remotely operated mobile robots
33 Trajectory Generation with Fast Lidar-based 3D Collision Avoidance for Agile MAVs
34 Towards UAV-Based Absolute Hierarchical Localization in Confined Spaces
61 Towards UAS Surveillance using Event Cameras
53 Towards an Autonomous UAV-based System to Assist Search and Rescue Operations in Man Overboard Incidents
57 Towards Active Vision with UAVs in Maritime Search and Rescue: Analyzing Human Detection at Variable Altitudes
32 Staircase Negotiation Learning for Articulated Tracked Robots with Varying Degrees of Freedom
72 Signed Distance Based Reconstruction for Exploration and Change Detection in Underground Mining Disaster Prevention
5 Reconfigurable, Adaptive, Lightweight Grasping Mechanisms for Aerial Robotic Platforms
6 Probabilistic Calibration of a Manipulator and a 2D Laser Scanner for Recalibration of Mobile Manipulators on Site
65 Pose Prediction for Mobile Ground Robots in Uneven Terrain Based on Difference of Heightmaps
48 Object Detection from Thermal Infrared and Visible Light Cameras in Search and Rescue Scenes
43 Needs-driven Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Cooperation in Rescue Missions
51 Multi-Robot Target Search using Probabilistic Consensus on Discrete Markov Chains
13 Multi-Modal Depth Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
29 Mono-Wheeled Flexible Track Capable of Climbing High Steps and Adapting to Rough Terrains
78 Mapping with Reflection - Detection and Utilization of Reflection in 3D Lidar Scans
16 LOCATOR - Lightweight and Low-Cost Autonomous Drone System for Overhead Cable Detection and Soft Grasping
17 Learning Spatial Search using Submodular Inverse Reinforcement Learning
14 Investigating Deep Learning Architectures towards Autonomous Inspection for Marine Classification
85 Input Optimisation Network for semantic segmentation of under-exposed images
21 Improving CNN-based Planar Object Detection with Geometric Prior Knowledge
22 Improving Bounds on Occluded Vehicle States for use in Safe Motion Planning
79 Impact of Heterogeneity in Multi-Robot Systems on Collective Behaviors Studied Using a Search and Rescue Problem
64 Hardware in the Simulation Loop Framework For Reproducible Testing of Rescue Robot Communications in Constrained Environments
67 Generation of Energy Optimal Speed Profiles for a Differential Drive Mobile Robot with Payload on Straight Trajectories
27 FENet: Fast Real-time Semantic Edge Detection Network
63 Experimental Validation of a Robotic Stretcher for Casualty Evacuation in a Man-Made Disaster Exercise
76 Design and Map-based Teleoperation of a Robot for Disinfection of COVID-19 in Complex Indoor Environments
38 Deep Learning Inference at the Edge for Mobile and Aerial Robotics
25 Decentralized Collision Avoidance and Motion Planning for Multi-Robot Deformable Payload Transport Systems
18 DDP-based Parachute Landing Optimization for a Humanoid
77 Cooperative and load-balancing auctions for heterogeneous multi-robot teams dealing with spatial and non-atomic tasks
41 Cooperative Aerial Search and Localization Using Lissajous Patterns
2 Configuration-Space Flipper Planning on 3D Terrain
71 Collision-tolerant Autonomous Navigation through Manhole-sized Confined Environments
56 Camera Orientation Estimation in Leaking Indoor Environment via Vanishing Point of Water Drops
26 Bidirectional LSTM-Based Network for Fall Prediction in a Humanoid
66 Benchmarking Metric Ground Navigation
7 Autonomous Wall Building with a UGV-UAV Team at MBZIRC 2020
37 Autonomous UAV-based Target Search, Tracking and Following using Reinforcement Learning and YOLOFlow
80 Autonomous Physical Interaction of Exhaust Shafts at Nuclear Power Plants using Fully-Actuated UAV
58 Autonomous Landing of a UAV on a Moving Ground Vehicle in a GPS Denied Environment
82 Autonomous Intruder Detection using a ROS-based Multi-Robot System equipped with 2D-LiDAR Sensors
9 Augmenting Coverage Control with Agent-Environment Dependency for Multi-Robot Systems
4 An Agile, Coaxial, Omnidirectional Rotor Module: On the Development of Hybrid, All Terrain Robotic Rotorcrafts
46 A Risk-Aware Architecture for Autonomous Vehicle Operation Under Uncertainty
31 A Reliable Localization Architecture for Mobile Surveillance Robots
35 A Modular, Accessible, Affordable Dexterity Test for Evaluating the Grasping and Manipulation Capabilities of Robotic Grippers and Hands
10 A Hybrid, Encompassing, Three-Fingered Robotic Gripper Combining Pneumatic Telescopic Mechanisms and Rigid Claws
45 A Generalized Bayesian Approach for Localizing Static Natural Obstacles on Unpaved Roads
30 A generalization of the CHOMP algorithm for UAV collision-free trajectory generation in unknown dynamic environments
3 A Fast and Robust 2D LiDAR Alignment Method by Motion Decoupling
81 2D thermal wind sensor for mobile robot anemotaxis: Shape analysis and measurement method