The IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR) covers design and implementation of robotics, automation, intelligent machines, systems, and devices that can contribute to civilian safety. IEEE International Symposium on Safety,

Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR) is an international forum promoting the study of security and robotics and incorporating these technologies in a variety of application areas. This symposium welcomes submissions on the theory and practice of robotics and automation for all types of safety, security, and rescue applications such as disaster response; mitigation and recovery; rapid and secure inspection of critical infrastructure; detection of chemical, biological, and radiological risks; and operations in dangerous sites.

Autonomous search and rescue
Casualty assessment, care, and extraction
Communications for reliable data transfer

The Conference

Why Attend ?

The symposium will create a unique opportunity for development and exchange of research ideas and technical solutions. As always, emergency responders and other expected users will be involved in presentations and discussions to ensure the practical relevance of technology developments for actual usage.

About Khalifa University

Khalifa University is an internationally topranked, research-intensive institution, that seamlessly integrates research and education to produce world leaders and critical thinkers in applied science and engineering. Its research and academic programs address the entire range of strategic, scientific, and industrial challenges facing the UAE’s knowledge economy transformation and our rapidly evolving world.

In line with the UAE’s initiatives, specifically the UAE Vision 2021 and Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, Khalifa University has been an advocate of promoting innovation and research and development in the country. The Khalifa University Center for Autonomous Robotic Systems (KUCARS), established in 2018, is poised to be the premier Robotics Research Center in the UAE and the region, and will have a central role to play in the nation’s initiatives


  • IEEE SSRR 2020 International Organizing Committee
  • IEEE SSRR 2020 Local Organizing Committee
  • IEEE SSRR 2020 Program Committee
  • IEEE SSRR 2020 Steering Committee
IEEE SSRR 2020 International Organizing Committee
Professor Jorge Dias EECS/Robotics KU, UAE
Professor Lakmal Seneviratne Director CARS, KU UAE
Professor Giuseppe Loianno New York University, USA
Professor Andreas Nüchter University of Wuerzburg, GE
IEEE SSRR 2020 Local Organizing Committee
Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi Executive Vice President, KU
Professor Lakmal Seneviratne Director CARS, KU
Dr Fahad Al Maskari AERO, KU
Dr Majid Khonji EECS/Robotics, KU
Mr Sayed Al Hashmi Director, Marketing and Communication, KU
Dr Yahya Zweiri AERO, KU
Professor Jorge Dias EECS/Robotics, KU
Mrs Khulood Al Ali Director, Finance Operations, KU
Dr Lino Marques Chair, RAS-SIGHT
IEEE SSRR 2020 Steering Committee
Auke Ijspeert EPFL - Switzerland
Davide Scaramuzza ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Satoshi Tadokoro Tohoku University, Japan
Andreas Birk Jacobs University Bremen,
Masahiko Onosato Hokkaido University, Japan
Hideyuki Tsukagoshi Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Julie Adams Oregon State University, USA
Richard Voyles Purdue University, USA
Fumitoshi Matsuno Kyoto University, Japan
Tetsuya Kimura Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
Paolo Fiorini University of Verona - Italy
Daniele Nardi Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Kamilo Melo EPFL - Switzerland
Soren Schwertfeger ShanghaiTech University, China
Nina Mahmoudian Purdue University, USA
Robin Murphy Texas A&M University, USA
Jorge Manuel Miranda Dias Khalifa University, UAE
Giuseppe Loianno New York University, USA
Andreas Nuechter University of Wuerzburg, GE
Gerald Steinbauer Graz University of Technology, Austria
M. Ani Hsieh University of Pennsylvania, USA
Alexander Kleiner Bosch, Germany
Adam S. Jacoff National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
Geert De Cubber Royal Military Academy, Belgium
IEEE SSRR 2020 Program Committee
Bruno Siciliano University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Andreas Nuechter University of Wuerzburg, GE
Kaspar Althoefer Queen Mary University of London, UK
Anibal Ollero University of Seville, Spain
Atsushi Yamashita University of Tokyo, Japan
Pedro Lima Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Eduardo Silva Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, UAE
Geert De Cubber Royal Military Academy, Belgium
Simon Lacroix LAAS/CNRS, Japan
Howie Choset Carnegie Mellon University, USA


In the UAE, futuristic cities live hand in hand with ancient treasures. Its capital, Abu Dhabi, is a combination of Old and New and embodies the future of the nation. Abu Dhabi is an emirate rich in archaeological finds where people enjoy living in modern, technologically advanced surroundings. It is a city with extraordinary skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and one-of-a-kind attractions, but also ensures that it maintains its foundation is solidly rooted in the country’s rich cultural and historical background. This is a destination where the past is preserved, cherished, and respected and at the same time the future is meticulously planned and considered.

Khalifa University hosts the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics

Challenge (MBZIRC), an international robotics competitio held every two years with total prize and team sponsorship of USD 5 Million. For more information, please visit the website at www.mbzirc.com


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